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Local Cable&Satellite Channels

TVBI's subsidiary in Los Angeles, TVB (USA) Inc., has been providing basic Chinese cable service through the operation of the Jade Channel in Southern California since 1984.
The Jade Channel is delivered via four major cable systems which are located in the most heavily Chinese populated areas in Los Angeles. In its 12-hour daily broadcast, the Jade Channel offers a variety of TVB and TVBS programmed which include serial dramas, daily satellite news from Hong Kong and Taiwan, music, sports, business and variety shows. In 1991, the Jade Channel extended its coverage to the San Francisco Bay area and is offered as a premium cable service.
On December 1, 1994, the Jade Channel Satellite Service made its debut providing 24 hours of daily Chinese programming to nationwide subscribers via a U.S. domestic satellite. With the use of a one-meter satellite receiving dish and an integrated-receiver-decoder, subscribers across the United States can easily enjoy the Chinese entertainment produced by TVB in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The combined reach of the Jade Cable and Jade Satellite services measures nearly 50,000 American Chinese households -- an estimated 200,000 affluent, influential viewers!


ball valve

Ball valve are the three different types of rotary valves used in industrial plants. They are widely used in fluid-handling systems for flow control. These types of rotary valves are suitable for corrosive applications. They are used in detergent, pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber, pulp and paper plants, water treatment systems, textile mills and food processing plants, In general, ball valves offer many advantages when contrasted with other valve types. They provide superior ease of operation and can maintain and regulate high volume, high pressure and high temperature flow. Most ball valves offer rugged construction providing for a long service life, and a comparably low cost. Additionally, the design of the regulating element allows the valve to function without the complications of side loads, typical of butterfly or globe valves, and the valve design permits inspection and repair of seats and seals without removing the valves’ body from the line.We are one of the biggest Ball valves manufacturer in China. We supplies :Floating Ball ValveCast Steel Fixed Ball Valve、Forgen Steel Fixed Ball Valve etc;We can manufacture and supply Ball valves according to your requirements,please contact us !



Apart from great good and wonderful services, what makes the whole dining experience particularly memorable? The answer is simple: the dcor. A Japanese restaurant that resembles Machiya, the traditional wooden townhouses found throughout Japan. Nice dcor and healthy food, nothing quite beats this combination.


Introduction of flameout protector

The purpose of flameout protector:

When we use the cook top, the fire may be extinct because of the wind or overflowing water. In this case, the protector may cut off gas to prevent some accidents happening because of its leakage, such as poisoning, explosion or fire. In this way, it realizes its safety protection function.
The first step: Piezoelectricity

The second step: Valve-open condition

The top of the thermocouple is heated by fire, and it causes thermo electromotive force. Then it will be in series between the closed circuit and the valve. Outside force and the magnetic field breathe the valve and keep it open, and the gas channel is open.
The third step: Cut off gas in sudden flameout condition

When the fire is extinct because of wind or overflowing water, the thermo electromotive potential will minish quickly, and the ferrite core will come back to its original place to cut off the gas because of the loss of the spring effect.


Battle to Save the Tiger

The tiger, one of the most charismatic creatures on Earth, faces extinction. David Attenborough narrates a heart-breaking documentary that examines the latest round in the battle to save the tiger. The story starts in the 1960s, when it was legal to shoot a tiger and drape its skin over the sofa, following through to the present day, when skins of freshly killed tigers are being illegally traded in huge numbers from India to Tibet and China. It is the story of three champions of conservation - an undercover investigator Belinda Wright, a tireless political campaigner Valmik Thapar, and a whistle-blowing scientist Raghu Chundawat. Astonishingly, their dogged pursuit of the truth and of the interests of the tiger have brought them into stark conflict with Project Tiger, the very government body set up to ensure the big cats' continued existence in 1973.


Hip-hop's Simmons wants to remove offensive words

The call comes less than two weeks after radio personality Don Imus' nationally syndicated and televised radio show was canceled amid public outcry over Imus calling a women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos."
Simmons, co-founder of the Def Jam label and a driving force behind hip-hop's huge commercial success, called for voluntary restrictions on the words and setting up an industry watchdog to recommend guidelines for lyrical and visual standards.
"We recommend that the recording and broadcast industries voluntarily remove/bleep/delete the misogynistic words 'bitch' and 'ho' and the racially offensive word 'nigger'," Simmons and Benjamin Chavis, co-chairmen of the advocacy group Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, said in a statement.
"These three words should be considered with the same objections to obscenity as 'extreme curse words'," it said.
Ho is slang for whore and commonly used in hip-hop music while nigger, a derogatory term for blacks, is among the most highly charged insults in American culture. The slur "nappy," used by Imus, describes the tightly curled hair of many African Americans.

May Day BBS: from labor to leisure

The May Day holiday, with May 1 International Workers Day as its center, is a time for Chinese throughout the country to consider the radical changes in ideas about labor and work. Throughout the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s May Day was a large-scale secular holiday that celebrated the labor of peasants and the proletariat with vast parades and nationally televised ceremonies. You can see pictures of old-style May Day parades (a women in pigtails on a tractor, etc.) at this BBS thread.
Today, May Day is also the focus of government efforts to encourage consumer spending via domestic tourism--contributing to the nation by spreading the wealth. The previous state-led vision of toiling farmers and factory workers is eclipsed by the new vision of a backpacking young urbanite or a wealthy family traveling to Beijing to see the Great Wall. Not only is leisure seen as potentially as valuable as labor, but the kinds of labor that used to be held up as models are no longer valorized. Most city dwellers have mixed feelings at best for the relatively poor, unedcuated migrant labourers who build their buildings, watch their children, and sweep their streets.
This makes May Day a potent moment for national discussions about work and its usefulness.
This Netease BBS thread showcases the old version of meaningful work: dirty, hard, and manual. The comments are mostly about respecting the workers:
Now those are real laborers!
Glorious laborers, we respect you!
Then there are series of photos of construction workers and farmers hard at work on May 1 itself.
Very few negative posts (they're no doubt taken down fairly quickly), but a few said:
Socialism has given nothing to the honest.
I'd like to go to all those tourist spots where all those people are eating, drinking, and making merry. I suddenly thought of a question: who is really celebrating May First?
Have you ever thought about why they're working on May First? Because they have no choice! Because they live on the bottom rung of society! Because they want to live like city people!
And in a perfect slice of Virtual China, a bikini (?) clad woman chimes in: Comrades, hard work.